Two Stations – Serving North Atlanta, Georgia

Our two convenient stations are specifically designed with your convenience and comfort in mind.

We’re centrally located to where you live, shop, and travel to make your Emissions Test a snap.

  • Our Inspectors have over 25 years of combined experience.
  • Our Inspectors are locals – most were born and raised in the north Fulton or Gwinnett area.
  • Our Inspectors are quick, friendly and courteous.
  • Our Inspectors want you to PASS!!! (if possible).

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State Bridge

Our State Bridge location services all vehicles and has 3 quick drive-through lanes – you can stay in your vehicle or relax with a cup of coffee in our clean, spacious waiting room.

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Jones Bridge

Our Jones Bridge location is a “96 and newer only” location – it is specially designed so you can stay in your car and be in and out within minutes.

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Why To Work With Us


We’re pleased to provide you with valuable, legal tips about how to pass your car’s Emissions Test and to help you understand your Emissions Inspection schedule.

We are committed to serving you and your neighbors, enhancing the air we breathe in the community we share.

HELPFUL INSPECTORS: Johns Creek Emissions’ Inspectors are the most experienced and knowledgeable station personnel you’ll find in Metro-Atlanta.

They have the experience and training specific to helping you pass your emission test, within the limits of the rules and regulations governing the test.

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